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Hi my name is Mallery or Mal. I am 21 years old and I live in Miami/Homestead. I’m expecting around March-April, this is my first pregnancy. Below is osme info about me and the pregnancy. I’m looking for new friends to add that have some or a lot of interest as me. Comment to be added.

How many weeks pregnant: About 4 months
Where are you from? Miami / Homestead, FL
Is this your first baby? Yes! ! !
How are you feeling about being pregnant? Couldn't ask for anything else!
Any morning sickness? Yes it comes and goes.
Do you know the sex of your baby? It was to early to tell when I went but I think I am having a boy. . .
Due date or day you gave birth: March 23, 2007
Name of the baby, or the names you are thinking of: Andrew and for girl don't know.
Are you married, single, or partnered? Domestic Partner.
What do you love the most about being pregnant? That I'm going to have a family of my own.
What are you most frightened of? The chance of having complications because I am a cervical cancer victim. . .

Comment to be added and I'll add you.
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