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Hi. New to

Hi. Im Tiffany. I'm a 19 year old SAHM. I have been married to Donald (age 25) for 3.5 years. We have a 3 year old son, Raymond; a 14 month old daughter, Arianna; and a 2 month old son, Alex. We practice Attachment Parenting and are really looking for some friends with kids. We currently live in Orange Park/Argyle area but at the end of August will be moving off of Pulaski/Starrat Rd after the house is finished. We are moving into a 4 generation home. My Grandma, my parents, my husband and I, and our children. We love to go to the zoo and playgroups. My husband works for the Sheetmetal Workers Union currently as an A/C Mechanic but is trying to get a photography business off the ground. My e-mail address is
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